My name is Phil, and i started drawing at the age of 3 and have worked myself hard to become a self taught artist, and im still learning and improving. I have been painting all of my life but I have only just started up as a business because i’ve only just started believing in myself that I am good enough to produce great paintings. I have gone through life with next to nothing and I want to make a decent life for myself, my wife and five children so that they dont have to go without things like I have done in the past.

When i started out i mainly did pencil drawings with a little colouring using watercolours. I was given some oil paints as a gift about 20 years ago and didn’t touch them for a few months because i always thought that they were only for really professional artists who become famous. Then one day i tried the oil paints and painted a picture of kings cross station in the 1950’s from an old photo and it came out really well and i now love painting with them.

I can paint Landscapes, portraits, town or cities, animals or pets, rock and pop groups, vehicles or anything else that is required. I paint from a clear picture or from photos using oils, watercolours, pencil or any mediums. I can paint any sizes from 6 inch by 4 inch up to whatever size is required. I can post anywhere worldwide.

Reasonable prices so please contact me to chat about an affordable price. Any painting that you buy will be a one of a kind original by myself, and it will be a life long investment and go up in value.

I have lots of paintings for sale that are already painted, and any commissions will also be taken. please contact me using the form provided, or by phone or email to let me know what paintings you require.